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Visiting by Water

  • The entrance to our Harbour is located at N 43,36.6 / W 79,29.0
  • Once inside the harbour proper, Etobicoke Yacht Club is located starboard, immediately beyond the lighthouse, at the southeast end of the harbour. Our neighbour, Mimico, lies straight ahead at the north end of the harbour.

Enter the Channel…

  • Starboard side, at the inside point, you’ll see the retired lighthouse beyond which our docks come into view.
  • The first dock is “D”, dutifully followed by “C”, “B” and “A”.
  • All slips are numbered from shore out with even numbers on the north side and odd numbers on the south side.
  • The visitor dock lies between “A” and “B” docks, near shore, port side. If you have not yet been assigned a dock, tie up here and report to the duty office on the lower floor of the clubhouse.

Caution in approaching the EYC/MCC harbour entrance…

  • The private green buoy, just south of the harbour entrance, at N 43,36.534 / W 79,28.047 replaces the AWOL Government Buoy charted at N 43,36.62 / W 79,29.04.   The buoy sits in 15′ of water but guards a rocky shoal.
  • Although visitors coming from the east should beware, this definitely applies to those approaching the entrance from the south or west. Do NOT hug the shoreline.